President Obama DNC Speech [FULL] July 27th 2016

Full Speech Obama at DNC. July 27, 2016. Democratic National Convention 2016. Philadelphia.

Fox News – President Obama Speech at DNC 7/27/16

First Lady Michelle Obama Delivers An Emotional And Powerful Speech At DNC “Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That Our Country Isn’t Great!”

Michelle Obama delivered a powerful speech at the Democratic National Convention Monday where the First Lady focused on the important role the next president will have in molding the future of America’s youth. Obama opened her speech by talking about her family’s journey to Washington, D.C. and the challenges they’ve faced in the White House and how the hateful rhetoric aimed at Barack Obama affects their daughters. Obama then championed Clinton as a “true public servant” who has dedicated her life to bettering America. “When she didn’t win the nomination eight years ago, she didn’t get angry or disillusioned,” Obama said. “Hillary didn’t pack up and go home. Hillary knows as a true public servant this is so much bigger than her own desires and disappointment.

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2 Dead & 16 Injured In Shooting At Club Blu In Fort Myers, Florida!

Two people are dead, including a 14-year-old boy and a Lehigh Senior High School basketball star, and up to 16 are injured following a deadly shooting early Monday morning during a party at Club Blu in Fort Myers. The Fort Myers police found several victims suffering from gunshots wounds with injuries ranging from minor to life threatening just after midnight at the club located at 3850 Evans Ave. The victims were reported to be between the ages of 12 and 27. According to Fort Myers interim police Chief Dennis Eads, three people are in custody and police are still searching for others. The FBI and ATF are assisting in the investigation


Michael Jordan Finally Speaks Out About The Issues With Black Lives In America

The recent tragic deaths of black citizens and police have generated calls for action from some of basketball’s biggest stars. On Monday, the greatest of all-time weighed in. Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan, who has long stayed out of tense, politically charged events, issued a statement to ESPN’s The Undefeated in which he calls for unity and compassion. In an effort to spur change, Jordan is donating millions from his fiancial empire to organizations that look to build bridges between police and the communities they protect, as well as to the legal defense of those who might otherwise be disadvantaged in getting a fair outcome from the justice system.

Gucci Mane – Pick Up The Pieces

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Wale – PYT

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2 Chainz – Not Invited

This video is shot through the eyes of Chainz best friend, Trappy. Trappy got the invite of the year, did you? Watch Above.

Both Waka And The Game Go At It Over Instagram!

Waka posted a video talking about rappers in general, well The Game to offense and the both of them have been going back and fourth since yesterday.

Lil Yachty “Keep Sailing” (Short Film)

Lil boat takes us through his journey and how he dodged social attacks and became the artist he is today.

Gucci Mane “WayBach”

Its like the streets cant get enough of Gucci. Record’s continue to make there way all over the blogs and all over the internet. Gucci’s album drops in a few days but they just keep coming.