Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis, MN between the AFC Champion New England Patriots and the NFC champions Philadelphia Eagles. This  game was the story of two cities, one being the reigning super bowl champs New England Patriots on their 8th trip to the Super Bowl in 17yrs in which they have won 5 of those 7 visits with Tom Brady and Coach Bellicheck at the helm versus the media deemed “underdogs” Philadelphia Eagles led by two back up quarterbacks, Head coach Doug Pederson, former NFL back up quarterback and current NFL backup quarterback Nick Foles, who took over after starting qb Carson Went suffered a season injury.  Foles just recently contemplating retirement from the football with a franchise who has not won a Super Bowl in the Super Bowl era.

With a Super Bowl Record of over 1000 yards in total offense, this game of two cities was a high energy very calculated display of talent and skill with it still coming down to a failed last second hail mary play. Nick Foles was named the Super Bowl MVP. Philadelphia Eagles are SUPER BOWL CHAMPS…. THE TOP DOGS of the WORLD.

Music superstar Justin Timberlake performed at halftime that featured a tribute to PRINCE.


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